Université de Kyoto - Japon

Kyoto University was established in 1897 as Japan’s second imperial university. At that time, the role of science and technology in society was rapidly expanding, and momentum was being gained by the idea that universities should not only be responsible for education, but should also pursue research.

Since its establishment, Kyoto University has pursued its core mission of contributing to harmonious coexistence within the global community by promoting original and creative research, creating new intellectual values, and fostering capable human resources who can generate such new values. In its pursuit of that mission, the University has made significant achievements as one of Japan’s leading research-oriented universities. Those achievements are testified by the fact that Kyoto University has produced more Nobel Prize- and Fields Medal-winning research than any other university in Asia.

The University has also been exploring new avenues of development since its appointment by the Japanese government as a Designated National University in 2017.