University of Franche Comté- France

The laboratories of the University of Franche-Comté explore various fields ranging from environmental and health sciences to literature and human sciences, including engineering sciences.

The University has about 900 researchers who are interested in a wide variety of themes. They are divided into 23 research units, including 17 host teams (EA) specific to the university and 6 joint units (UMR) with major public research organizations such as the CNRS (5 UMR) and INSERM (1 UMR).

Some of them are common to other higher education establishments: the Belfort Montbéliard Technological University (UTBM), the National School of Mechanics and Microtechnology (ENSMM) and the University of Burgundy. The CEA, EFS, INRAP, the Ministry of Culture and the University Hospital Center (CHU) participate as partners in these research units.